Ladies Leather Hook & Eye Closure Corset - Black

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Ladies Leather Hook and Eye Closure Corset - Black

Style and Features

This hook and eye closure corset is made from Lambskin leather. (This is one of the softest and most durable leathers which will help in melding to your body for that perfect fit.)

Authentic wired steel boning (This makes the corset flex and contour to the body. The wired steel boning also lasts longer and resists breaking.)

100% cotton lining to make the fit more comfortable.

Silver hook and eye closure.

Back Laces (This is the place where you would adjust the corset to fit. Once the corset is laced to fit, you can easily use the hook and eye closure in the front to remove and put the corset back on. Please allow at least 3 inches for adjustability. The lacing in the back also determines how much skin you want to show, so keep that in mind when ordering your correct size.)