G.O.B.B. Grumpy Old Biker Bastard Patch

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Grumpy Old Biker Bastard Patch 

Black rectangular biker patch with "G.O.B.B. GRUMPY OLD BIKER BASTARD" embroidered in white.

Size: 3.5" x 1.5"

Embroidered using only the most reliable techniques to ensure the durability and long-lasting life of this biker patch.  Comes with heat-activated adhesive backings so you can easily iron on this patch to shirts, jackets, and more. To sew on this Grumpy Old Biker Bastard Patch, there is an embroidered border which makes it easy for anyone to sew the patch on.  Sewing can be done to any and all materials and fabrics, especially your motorcycle leather.