The Leathers you are looking for

The Leathers you are looking for

Posted by Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories on 19th Aug 2016

Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories

The Leathers you are looking for

thunder-rode-motorcycle-acessories-leathers.jpgYou have been through some rough terrain on your travels, and your leathers have seen better days. When you are riding along Route 66 and you get that itch to shop around for some fresh motorbike gear, head on in to the number one shop on the Mother Road, Thunder-Rode. At Thunder-Rode, you will not only find leather chaps, leather motorcycle jackets and nearly every leather accessory you could ever lust for, you will find world class biker gear for all of your needs. From gifts to necessities, from men’s to women’s motorcycle clothing and motorcycle accessories, from bags to key chains; we have everything under the sun that your biker spirit craves.

Thunder-Rode is located in warm, sunny Kingman, AZ just off of Route 66. The beautiful weather is not the only reason to make a pit stop in town; our rare stock is sure to entice you inside our store. As the premiere biker shop in town, we take pride in offering world-class and one-of-a-kind finds. Whether you walk through our doors with a specific accessory in mind or you are simply looking for a gift to let your pals back home know that you are thinking about them, we have just what you are looking for – even if you did not know you were looking for it.

The best motorcycle helmets on the market

thunder-rode-motorcycle-acessories-motorcycle-helmets.jpgIf you are in need of a new motorcycle helmet, we offer only the best motorcycle helmets on the market. Just because we offer a wide variety of items in our store does not mean that we skimp out on quality. We understand that when you are looking for new accessories you do not want to purchase something that will look nice for a few rides and then fall apart; you are shopping for purpose, look and quality. Who can blame you? After all, your biker gear says a lot about who you are, just like any sense of style.

Nearly every piece of motorcycle clothing you can think of we have in store, offering both men’s and women’s sizes, styles and varieties. From vests to jackets and boots to jewelry; we are your one stop biker shop with plenty of extras to sift through. Travelling the open road you can come across some fairly chilly nights. This is the reason we stock heated gear like gloves, pant liners and jacket liners; don’t worry – we even offer vest liners so you can still see your rad leather motorcycle vest.

Everything we offer at this store is all ‘for the love of motorcycles’, from our friendly, knowledgeable staff to our fully loaded shelves and racks. When you have a hankering for some new motorcycle gear and perhaps some new leathers to protect you while you ride and complete your look, stop by Thunder-Rode – the number one biker stop on the Mother Road.