The Best Motorcycle Gear on Route 66

The Best Motorcycle Gear on Route 66

Posted by Thunder-Rode on 12th Aug 2016

The Best Motorcycle Gear on Route 66, the Mother Road

thunder-rode-motorcycle-acessories-biker-boots.jpgWhen traveling along Route 66 on your favorite bike, do not forget to stock up on motorcycle gear. It is when you pass through towns you have not been to before where you will find just the accessory you were looking for. At Thunder-Rode in Kingman, AZ, all of your favorite motorbike gear stocks the shelves.  It is not just the shop that you quickly pop into strictly out of necessity, it is the store where you will find items you did not even know you needed or wanted.

Featuring a wide variety of leather items makes our shop stand out along the Mother Road, as we also carry novelty products, fun gifts and every accessory imaginable. From biker boots to motorcycle helmets, hair pieces to leather chaps, key chains to bracelets; we have your biker yearnings covered.

A large collection of motorcycle clothing


You know that your riding buddies will be expecting some sort of traveler’s token upon your return, and why not surprise them with something useful? Browse through our collection of motorcycle jackets and other motorcycle clothing. With a variety of sizes in both men’s and women’s styles, there is something for nearly everyone on your list. Now do not forget about yourself either! We feature the best motorcycle helmets on the market, not to mention our unique motorcycle vests. Any sort of biking accessory that may have become lost, stolen or damaged along your travels is easily replaceable in our store, we carry enough accessories to outfit an army of bikers. We cannot doubt that you will probably find a little extra something as well, although do not blame us when you come home with more than you left with!

At Thunder-Rode, everything from what is stocked on our shelves to how our employees interact with customers is all done ‘for the love of motorcycles’. We understand just how important it is to interact with others who share your interests, and what better way to do that than with motorbike gear?  There is nothing quite like riding along the open road, especially with some new leather duds on. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? Striking up a conversation with a stranger because you recognize a biker’s vest, a do-rag, possibly even a familiar back patch? You have to admit that many of your friendships are due to recognizable motorcycle accessories; a large part of the biker lifestyle is gear – so don’t forget the leathers, bandanas and bags.

Whether you are looking for accessories with safety in mind, or something a little more playful, Thunder-Rode on Route 66 has got you covered. When you are ready for a pit stop and have a hankering to do a little shopping stop on in and find all of the motorcycle gear you need and more.